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Monday, January 5th – Dear Miss Pearl…

Dear Miss Pearl,

I got two brothers and a sister and I am the youngest. I graduated from high school last year and I am going to community college so, I still live with my mom and dad. Everyone else is out on their own cause they cant stand my dad because he cheated on our mother and beat her up a couple of times.

I can usually tell when my dad is messing around on my mom because he starts staying out late and starts an argument with her about nothing. He asked me the other day why I am a “mama’s boy” because I worry about my mama. He actually told me that if I don’t start showing him that I’m getting pu$$y, that he will put me out because he is starting to think I’m a “fag”.

Miss Pearl, I’m not gay, but I don’t want to be like my dad and be disrespectful to women like he is to my mother and I don’t trust him around girls, he is embarrassing and he thinks that he can get any woman and would definitely try to holler at her. (Thats why my uncles don’t mess with him).

I have a girl, but I don’t want her around him because I have seen what he has done to my brothers girlfriends.

How can I make him leave me alone and stop telling the family that he thinks that he raised one “punk”?

Dear Tony,

Is there any way that you can afford to get your own apartment, or get a roommate to move out on your own?

Your father is one of those ignorant black men who contributes absolutely nothing to the African American community other than leave a legacy of ignorance and irresponsibility. In other words, your daddy ain’t $hit, probably ain’t gon’ never be $hit, and I’d suggest you get the hell out of his house so that you don’t have to spend too much more of the time you should be spending concentrating on your studies worrying about this $hit!

How sad, and utterly disgusting is it for a man to go around town spreading rumors that his own son is gay simply because he doesn’t bring women around him? As you suggested, I think he wants you to bring a woman around for his own voyeuristic needs! Your daddy is a sick bastard and I want to whoop his a$$ myself, so I can imagine what you’re going through!

I know that you’re concerned about your mother, but she has made her choice and that choice is to remain with your father so, if she wants to stay in an abusive, controlling relationship with a man who disrespects her and her children… let her have it – you can’t spend the rest of your life trying to “protect” someone who doesn’t appear to want your protection.

If this were the 50’s, I’d totally understand why a woman would remain in a relationship with a man who beats her and is a total dictator, but this is a new day. She don’t need to be there, she’s there because she wants to be. Don’t you waste any more of your life being miserable with her!

If you can’t afford to live alone, or don’t know anyone you can room with, call your siblings and ask if you can come and stay with one of them until you get on your feet – I’m sure they have a clear understanding of why you have a desire to get out of there.

50 Cent Does His First Interview About His Ex and the Fire that Almost Killed Her and His Son

50 said (without saying it) that Shaniqua Thompkins (his ex, and the mother of his child) most likely burned the house down herself because she had a court order to get out the very next day so it was, “If I can’t have it, you won’t have it!”

Of course, he was sure to reiterate that he’s not sure that that was her sentiment, but that it “comes across” that way.

Isn’t it funny that they have to use subtitles to make sure that people understand what the hell he’s trying to say?

CD Giveaway: Lil KeKe’s "Loved By Few, Hated By Many"

I’ve got a few copies of Lil KeKe’s new CD to give away to the first to send me a shoutout to: misspearlswindow@yahoo.com (Make sure you put KeKe in the subject line)

KeKe’s CD, “Loved by Few, Hated by Many” is in stores now!

Check out a preview of the track, “Money In The City” featuring Slim Thug, Paul Wall, & Trae Virdure:

Windows Media: http://umrg.edgeboss.net/wmedia/umrg/843-lil_keke/token/03_money_in_the_city_feat._slim_thug_112k.asx

Quicktime: http://umrg.edgeboss.net/qtime/umrg/843-lil_keke/token/03_money_in_the_city_feat._slim_th_1.mov

Lil Keke
Loved By Few, Hated By Many – In Stores Now!
Universal Motown

For Sale: Tyler Perry’s 17,000 Sq Ft Mansion

This Estate Is Best Described as 17,000 Square Feet Of Paradise. Behind The Stunning Mahogany Double Doors you will find An Unbelievable Foyer with Marble Floors, Two Vast Sitting Areas, A Floating Mahogany Staircase, Leading to An Exquisite Grand Salon, all with Dramatic Ceilings over 20 Feet high.

The Gourmet Kitchen features a Two Story Ceiling with a double sided fireplace. The Spacious Family Room has Dramatic French Doors leading to the Pool and Terrace. The Master Bedroom is 4,000 Sq Ft of Total Luxury.

It Features An Enormous Sitting Area, His and Her Custom Closet over looking the Stunning Master Bathroom. This Private Paradise also features a Theater Room, Study, Professional Gym, Infinity-Edge Pool, Waterfalls and Tennis Court.

Who the hell needs 4,000 sq ft in the master bedroom when the average home is only 2,000 sq ft??

Beyonce’: A Beautiful Liar? Indeed!

Here’s another fraud perpetrated by the “machine” behind Beyonce to make her appear bigger than she really is (and this is not “hate” this is reality) Bey’s two videos, “If I were a Boy and Single Ladies left all of the other video performers out in the cold in 2008. How could those two videos have been so popular if they just came out toward the end of the year, you ask?

“If I Were a Boy” has been watched more than 34 million times alone while other high profile musicians have made enormous dents on YouTube: Soulja Boy, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers and Chris Brown among them.

Here’s the lie – If you go to youtube and pull up, Rihanna or Chris Brown, you might find that fifty different people may have posted one of those singer’s song, each video getting millions of hits, but with Beyonce’, if you’ll notice, you’ll only find one, “If I were a Boy” and one, “Single Ladies”… with embedding disabled (which means that nobody can copy the video and post it anywhere else – so, if you want to see it, you’d have to go to youtube to watch that one video.

Technically, Rihanna’s “Umbrella” may have been seen more times, but because it was watched on 50 different channels… it doesn’t count!

That’s why when you see the video posted on a website other than youtube and you try to play it, it says, “content removed” – because it’s not the “official” video, so as soon as someone posts it, they have it removed so that all the hits will go to that one video making Beyonce’ look like she’s “broken” some sort of record, when the reality is that she didn’t.

Two Men Claim to Have Robbed Souljah Boy

I ain’t buyin’ it. Publicity stuntin’ 101! Album not doing well… drum up some publicity to get your name back in the news… all lies!