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Two Men Claim to Have Robbed Souljah Boy

I ain’t buyin’ it. Publicity stuntin’ 101! Album not doing well… drum up some publicity to get your name back in the news… all lies!


I’m Shame!

Woman wants a J-Lo a$$… goes to doctor for implants, implants “fall”… the rest is classic!

Prison Yard Performs "Low"! They did that!

I swear, they need to adopt this practice in US prisons – give them bastards something to do other than get married to each other and iron grilled cheese sandwhich’s!

Pastor Thankful for the Slave Trade?

Maybe Soulja Boy attends his church – but this is shameful, regardless.

Beyonce’ – "Diva"

Here’s Beyonce’s “Diva” – thoroughly unimpressed here, too!

Flashback – Tony Toni Tone! – "Lay Your Head on My Pillow

Why don’t I remember the freakiness that is this video? I don’t ever recall Tony Toni Tone! being naked in a video, especially during the 90’s.

Lay Your Head on my Pillow
Uploaded by ice1906

Who in the Hell Left the Gate Open?

Big Scoop, I’ma need you to purchase yourself one of these so that your woman can come home and catch you with your a$$ in the air slidin’ down a pole!

Some $hit ain’t equal opportunity!!! I’ma need the fellas to not pole dance.

Man down, code 10!!!